Why do People Hate Genshin Impact? Breaking down the Backlash


Genshin Impact, an immensely popular action-packed RPG set in an expansive open-world environment, crafted by the talented developers at miHoYo, has amassed an enormous fan base ever since its initial launch. Nevertheless, despite its resounding success, there exists a faction of individuals who openly display disapproval or even animosity toward this highly acclaimed game. This article aims to delve into the primary factors contributing to the emergence of negative sentiments surrounding Genshin Impact and debunk the misconceptions that often accompany these critical viewpoints.

Gacha Mechanics and Perceived Pay-to-Win

Reasons to dislike Genshin Impact

The utilization of gacha mechanics stands out as a prominent catalyst for the discontent surrounding Genshin Impact among certain individuals. These gacha systems operate on the premise of spending in-game currency in exchange for randomized rewards, a feature that has drawn criticism from players who find it unpalatable.

They assert that the unpredictable nature of these mechanisms can lead to substantial financial investments merely to obtain desired characters or items. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that Genshin Impact’s implementation of the gacha system is meticulously designed to be equitable and accessible to all players, irrespective of their spending tendencies.

The game offers complimentary primogems, presents a reasonably priced monthly pass, and ensures that individuals who invest minimally do not encounter significant disadvantages when compared to those who make substantial monetary contributions.

Prejudice Against Mobile Games

Another reason behind the animosity towards Genshin Impact is its association with mobile gaming. Many gamers hold a negative perception of mobile games, often considering them to have inferior gameplay and exploitative monetization practices.

However, Genshin Impact defies these preconceptions by delivering a high-quality gaming experience that rivals traditional PC and console games. While the game is available on mobile devices, it is important to recognize that it was originally developed as a PC game with a full port to mobile platforms.

LGBTQIA+ Representation

Genshin Impact distinguishes itself through its commendable inclusion of LGBTQIA+ characters, a creative decision that has garnered widespread acclaim from numerous players.

Sadly, there exists a faction of individuals who harbor prejudice against queer relationships, exhibiting discomfort or even outright hostility towards games that endorse such inclusivity. This intolerance towards the LGBTQIA+ community undeniably plays a role in the antipathy some individuals feel towards Genshin Impact.

It is crucial to underscore the profound influence of games that actively promote diversity and representation, while simultaneously acknowledging the unfortunate existence of societal intolerance.

Dislike of Video Games: Acceptance of Personal Preferences

Genshin Impact controversy

There are individuals who, quite simply, do not find enjoyment in video games as a whole, and this sentiment can extend to their disfavor towards Genshin Impact. Personal preferences undoubtedly exert a considerable influence on shaping one’s perception of various forms of entertainment.

Some individuals may cling to outdated beliefs regarding the perceived adverse impacts of gaming, while others may simply lack an inherent interest in the medium itself. It is of utmost importance to respect these individual preferences and recognize that not everyone will share the same level of enthusiasm for video games.

RPG Genre Preferences

Genshin Impact falls squarely within the realm of the role-playing game (RPG) genre, and it is important to acknowledge that not everyone possesses an affinity for this particular style of gameplay. RPGs typically showcase intricate narratives and emphasize character-driven experiences, elements that may fail to resonate with certain players who favor more open-ended or action-oriented gaming endeavors.

There are individuals who prefer games that grant them greater agency in shaping their own story or who gravitate towards more casual gaming experiences, where deep character progression takes a backseat. Recognizing and respecting these divergent preferences is crucial when examining the varied reception of Genshin Impact.

Unwarranted Hate and Jealousy

It is vital to recognize that a subset of individuals directs their animosity towards Genshin Impact out of sentiments of jealousy, insecurity, or simply a desire to undermine something that has gained widespread popularity.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to Genshin Impact but rather pervasive across various facets of life, including the realm of entertainment. Some individuals may experience feelings of envy towards the game’s remarkable success, its devoted fan base, or the overwhelmingly positive reception it has garnered.

Consequently, they may actively express their disdain or engage in disseminating negativity, despite lacking any valid reason or personal experience with the game. It is crucial to discern such unwarranted hatred for what it truly is and not regard it as a genuine critique of the game itself.

Technical Issues and Performance

Lastly, similar to any intricate online game, Genshin Impact has encountered its fair share of technical glitches and performance-related obstacles. Some players have encountered bugs, crashes, or optimization issues that impede their overall gameplay experience. These technical shortcomings have the potential to frustrate players and contribute to a negative perception of the game.

Moreover, Genshin Impact’s demanding system requirements and resource-intensive nature can present challenges for individuals utilizing lower-end devices or those with limited internet connectivity. As a result, players may experience lag, prolonged loading times, or even encounter difficulties in smoothly running the game. These factors further exacerbate the disapproval some individuals harbor towards Genshin Impact.


While Genshin Impact has garnered a significant and devoted following, it is not impervious to criticism and disapproval. The reasons for these negative sentiments encompass a wide range, spanning from concerns regarding gacha mechanics and perceptions of a pay-to-win system to biases against mobile games to personal preferences and biases against video games in general.

It is crucial to differentiate between valid criticisms and misconceptions or unwarranted hatred. By understanding and addressing these concerns, we can contribute to fostering a healthier gaming community and encouraging constructive discussions surrounding Genshin Impact and similar games. Ultimately, individual taste and personal experiences significantly shape one’s opinion of any form of entertainment, emphasizing the importance of respecting diverse perspectives.


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