Elin Nordegren Kids: How many children does Tiger Woods ex-wife have?


Elin Nordegren, the former spouse of professional golfer Tiger Woods, is the proud mother of four children. The former Spanish model has given birth to two children with Woods, a golf icon, and another two with her current partner, Jordan Cameron.

In 2004, Tiger Woods and the model began their marital journey after dating for three years. The couple celebrated the birth of their daughter, Sam, in 2007, followed by their son, Charlie, in 2009. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end six years later, in 2010, due to Woods’ involvement in a cheating scandal that made headlines. Several women stepped forward and accused him of infidelity during his marriage to Nordegren.

Even though Elin Nordegren had children with Tiger Woods, she did not hesitate to divorce him when their relationship turned sour.

Following her divorce from Woods, the former Swedish model dated several men before entering a serious relationship with former Miami Dolphin player James Cameron. Their first child, a son named Filip Nordegren Cameron, was born in early October 2019. However, just a few months later, the couple had a change of heart and filed a petition to alter their child’s name.

Why did Elin Nordegren and James Cameron change their child’s name?

As reported, Elin Nordegren and James Cameron filed a petition to change their baby’s name on December 5, 2019. The Florida court issued its final ruling in February 2020, and the child’s name has been officially changed from Filipo Nordegren Cameron to Arthur Nordegren Cameron. The reason behind the name change remains unknown, as the couple has never publicly disclosed it.

Following her split with Tiger Woods, Nordegren gave birth to her first child almost a decade later. As they anticipated media attention, the couple kept the pregnancy a secret for a while. The public first saw Nordegren’s pregnancy when she attended her son Charlie Woods’ flag football game.

Recently, Nordegren gave birth to her second child with James Cameron. Interestingly, her ex-husband and now best friend, Woods, announced the news during the 2022 PNC Championship while attending with their son Charlie.

Tiger Woods extends congratulations to His Ex-Wife on Fourth Child

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have maintained a good friendship despite their divorce. In December 2022, Nordegren gave birth to her fourth child while Woods was competing at the PNC Championship with their son, Charlie Woods.

According to sports journalist Jason Sobel, before the start of the tournament, Woods and Charlie congratulated Nordegren on national television. Sobel requested NBC to install a camera on the first hole, and after hitting their first tee, Woods conveyed his congratulations.

It is Nordegren’s second child with her current husband since her divorce from Woods.


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