Is Tiger Woods first name actually Tiger? Uncovering the truth


Tiger Woods, an iconic and accomplished golfer in history, has been a renowned figure for several decades. Notwithstanding his popularity, there has been much speculation regarding whether “Tiger” is his given first name or merely a nickname. Some theories suggest that he may have been assigned a different first name at birth, while others speculate that he may have legally changed his name to Tiger at a later point in his life. This piece delves into the facts surrounding Tiger Woods’ first name and the origin of this legendary moniker.

What is Tiger Woods’ real name?

Eldrick Tont Woods is the legal and complete name of the golfing legend known as Tiger Woods. This information is on his official birth certificate. Interestingly, the initials “ETW” are also utilized as the name of one of his corporations, the ETW Corporation.

Although it is not entirely clear why Earl and Kultida Woods named their son Eldrick, it is known that Tiger’s middle name, Tont, is a tribute to his mother’s Thai heritage. Tont is a customary Thai name that roughly translates to “beginning,” and it is presumed that Kultida recommended the name to honor her background.

Putting the Rumors to Rest: Tiger Woods’ First Name Wasn’t Legally Changed to “Tiger”

There has been a longstanding rumor that professional golfer Tiger Woods changed his legal name to “Tiger” from his birth name, Eldrick. However, this rumor has been debunked by multiple sources. According to Woods himself and his father, Earl Woods, “Tiger” was a nickname given to him by Earl in honor of a South Vietnamese soldier he had also nicknamed “Tiger”. Woods has never legally changed his name, and his birth certificate lists his first name as Eldrick. Despite this, the rumor has persisted for years, likely due to the mystique and intrigue surrounding the famous athlete.

Tiger Woods daughter Sam

During his childhood, Tiger Woods was also known by another nickname. His father, Earl Woods, used to call him “Sam” because he thought he looked like one. After Earl’s death, Woods named his daughter Sam, possibly as a tribute to his father’s memory.

Tiger Woods Miraculous Recovery and Return to Golf

Tiger Woods has had a successful career in golf, winning many trophies and continuing to pursue more victories despite several injuries. In 2021, he faced a terrible accident that caused significant damage to his body, particularly his right leg. He underwent a major surgical operation involving the use of rods and screws to stabilize his leg. Many believed that this could mark the end of his career in sports. However, he amazed everyone by returning to the game the following year and now aims to clinch his 16th Major championship title.


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