Marcell Ozuna’s Wife: A Look at Genesis Guzman


Marcell Ozuna has amazed baseball fans with his excellent performance as an outfielder. Besides being good at the game, people also talk about other aspects of Ozuna’s life like his wife, Genesis Guzman. Let us therefore study Genesis Guzman who is Marcell’s better half and see what they have gone through together.

Who is Marcell Ozuna’s Wife Genesis Guzman?

Genesis Guzman is from the Dominican Republic and is famous for being a model, actress, and entrepreneur. She began her modeling career very young and has worked with many prestigious brands and designers. Her stunning beauty combined with her charming personality has earned her a large number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram. What sets her apart from most other celebrities is that she is married to Major League Baseball player Marcell Ozuna which adds an additional layer to her public image.

Full nameGenesis Guzman De Ozuna 
Age28 ( As of April 2024)
Date of birthNovember 28, 1995
Place of birthDominican Republic 
SpouseMarcell Ozuna
ChildrenMarcell Jr.,Sofia Valentina, 
ParentsGabriel Guzman and Luisa Pinales

Genesis Guzman Family and Career

Genesis Guzman was born to Gabriel Guzman and Luisa Pinales together with her sister Yessenia Guzman, in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. While they were growing up there, their cousin Leuddy Batista Cardenas used to be around them always; this is one among several memories they shared in the town. Now an accomplished businesswoman running Geymar Extension – Genesis has never looked back since she opened up a shop for hair and eyelash extensions salons plus spas in Doral, Florida where she lives today too as a successful entrepreneur. She also has over 78000 followers on Instagram. 

How Did Marcell Ozuna and Genesis Guzman Met?

Marcell Ozuna and Genesis Guzman’s love affair began in their teenage years in the Dominican Republic. They got married in a beautiful ceremony with friends and family by their side in 2016. After many years of dating. It was only the beginning for them too — they had so much more to look forward to as a couple. A year later, they welcomed their first child into the world: Marcell Jr., born in 2017. Then came Sofia Valentina, who joined their family two years later (in 2019). The couple is dedicated to putting their children first and fostering an environment where they can thrive; they’ve always made sure of that. While not much is known about Ozuna’s and they also have a third kid but not much is known about him. One thing is certain –– no matter how many children they have together or what happens next in life –– nothing will ever break this tight-knit bond between them.

Domestic Violence Charges on Both 

During May of the year 2021, Marcell Ozuna an Atlanta Braves outfielder experienced a chaotic phase in his life when he was arrested under the charges of strangulation and misdemeanor battery-family violence. The accusation was done by his wife Genesis Guzman. The arrest took place after he threatened to murder his better half and choked her against the wall amid a confrontation that occurred on this fateful day. Police intervened quickly because they were there with them during this incident but later on reduced these offences to misdemeanors due to lack of enough evidence from videos which could back up their initial claims concerning what had happened between them.

This couple has previously had legal problems related to domestic violence cases; it was not their first time encountering such issues together as husband and wife. In one of these events last year she threw a soap dish at him causing injury around his face hence leading to her arrest though pleaded not guilty but during this period where court proceedings are being undertaken she has been given instructions through a stay-away order.

Moreover, this event also impacted greatly on Marcell Ozuna’s professional career within Major League Baseball (MLB). After being put under leave then later suspended for twenty games following MLB’s policy regarding domestic violence; thus making him miss out on all matches played throughout the whole season 2021. However, he joined an establishment fostering rehabilitation so that charges may be dropped after accomplishing tasks like doing community service or enrolling for anger management sessions.

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