MLB The Show 23 Best Batting Stances for Crushing the Competition


In MLB The Show 23, creating a custom player requires making a plethora of choices about their appearance and behavior, with one of the most significant decisions being the batting stance. While players can opt to use the face scan feature to make their virtual athlete look like themselves, the more crucial choices are found in the “Create a Player” screen. Once the physical attributes are finalized, the option to customize or select a batting stance is presented.

Players who choose to customize their batting stance will find themselves with a vast array of options. The settings for hand rotation, hand waggle rotation, and back elbow offset, among others, must be tweaked to create a personalized stance. Alternatively, players can choose from a collection of generic and professional stances if they prefer not to fuss with the settings. However, selecting an existing stance comes with its own set of challenges. Various stances can impact a player’s contact, power, swing animation, and bat position, making it critical to select the best one for the player’s style.

For players seeking to knock in runs and avoid maintenance, we have identified the top five batting stances in MLB The Show 23. These stances provide the best opportunity to achieve overall success and are presented below for consideration.

Mike Trout

Starting with one of the most dominant hitters in baseball, Mike Trout, makes perfect sense when creating a top-performing player in MLB The Show 2023. For over a decade, Trout has consistently been at the top of the MLB’s hitter power rankings, and his reputation continues to grow. His batting stance and swing animations are among the smoothest in the game, making them an excellent choice for those who want to hit like a pro.


Trout’s batting stance in MLB The Show 2023 is both compact and powerful, making it an easy stance to learn and time at the plate. With a few swings, players can master this stance, and it will undoubtedly send balls soaring into the sky as they progress from the minors to the big leagues. For those looking to use Trout’s stance, it can be found on page 48 in the “Current Players” batting stance tab.

Legend Stance 7

While professional player stances are often the go-to for creating a custom player in MLB The Show 2023, there are some exceptional generic stances that are worth considering. One such stance is Legend Stance 7, which draws inspiration primarily from Barry Bonds’ batting stance, the MLB’s all-time home run champ.

Although Legend Stance 7 leans more towards power than a balance of power and contact, it is a straightforward stance to master. Players may be pleasantly surprised by how many home runs they can hit with this stance as they progress in the game. For those interested in using Legend Stance 7, it can be found on page 39 in the “Generic Players” batting stance tab.

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani, the MVP of the World Baseball Classic, is an outstanding hitter in the MLB, and his skills are accurately reflected in MLB The Show 23. Ohtani’s batting stance is one of his defining features, and it is slightly more complex than either Trout’s or Legend Stance 7’s. While it may take more time to master, it is worth it for the sheer hitting power it provides.

Ohtani’s batting stance in MLB The Show 23 places his hands and bat higher in the air compared to a more traditional stance. This requires players to put in some extra effort to get the timing down, but it also allows them to adjust the position of their hands if necessary. Overall, Ohtani’s batting stance is one of the best options available in MLB The Show 23 for players who prioritize raw hitting ability. For those interested in using Ohtani’s stance, it can be found on page 35 in the “Current Players” batting stance tab.

Cody Bellinger

Although Cody Bellinger’s performance in the MLB has been inconsistent in recent years, his batting stance remains one of the most efficient and effective options in MLB The Show 23. With a horizontal bat and hands positioned near the player’s head, Bellinger’s stance allows for a simple and quick swing that can be used for various types of hits. Whether players want to hit to the opposite field or aim for a home run, Bellinger’s stance is reliable and can help players achieve success at the plate.

To access Cody Bellinger’s batting stance in MLB The Show 23, players can navigate to Page 4 in the “Current Players” batting stance tab.

José Ramírez

Our final batting stance recommendation for MLB The Show 23 is the user-friendly stance of Cleveland Guardians’ third baseman, José Ramírez. This stance is gaining traction among players due to its simplicity and effectiveness in timing pitches. The slightly open stance and high bat positioning over the player’s head facing the field make it easy to get started.

However, what sets it apart is Ramírez’s front leg kick, which aids in timing pitches more efficiently. The leg kick is usually in motion by the time a pitch arrives, making it easier to hit pitches accurately. With practice, players can master this stance and improve their timing to a great extent. You can find José Ramírez’s batting stance on Page 39 in the “Current Players” batting stance tab.


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