Is Garrett Riley related to Lincoln Riley {Fact Check}


Garret Riley is the person in the news this season of college football. He is the new offensive coordinator for the Clemson Tigers. He is in the hot topics, not just because of football, but how he is related to Lincoln Riley. Lincoln Riley is a well-known name in college football. In this article, we will dive into the mystery of their connection. So, is Garrett related to the Lincoln Riley family? Let’s find out!

Lincoln Riley Garrett Riley Relation

Yes, Garret Riley is the young brother of Lincoln Riley. They both have a strong background in coaching together.

Relation StatusBrothers
Lincoln Riley’s StatusHead Coach
Garret RileyCoordinator
Shared SurnameRiley
Family TiesYes

Who is Lincoln Riley?

Garrett Riley and Lincoln Riley Relation

Lincoln Riley is a famous American football coach. He used to play football and now leads the USC Trojans team at the University of Southern California. People think he’s really smart when it comes to football, especially on offense. He’s helped train some great players, like Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Caleb Williams. They’re some of the best quarterbacks in college football!

Family Details

  • Wife: Caitlin Buckley Riley is Lincoln’s wife. She used to be a teacher. Now, she looks after their two daughters and loves cheering for Lincoln’s team at games.
  • Children: Lincoln and Caitlin have two lovely daughters named Sloan and Stella.
  • Parents: Lincoln’s mom and dad are Mike and Marilyn Riley. They were both teachers. Mike also had a job at a cotton warehouse for many years.
  • Brother: Lincoln’s younger brother is Garrett Riley. He’s also into football coaching! Right now, he works at Clemson University. Before that, he worked at other colleges like Appalachian State, TCU, and SMU.

Who is Garrett Riley?

Garrett Riley is a football coach in America. Right now, he works at Clemson University where he’s in charge of the offense and helps train quarterbacks. Before Clemson, he worked at Texas Christian University.

Family Details

  • Wife: Garrett’s wife is Lindsay Murff Riley. She used to teach and coach. Today, she’s planning for their future family and always cheers for Garrett’s team at games.
  • Children: Garrett and Lindsay don’t have kids yet, but they’re excited for the future.
  • Parents: Garrett’s mom and dad are Marilyn and Mike Riley. Both of them were teachers once. Mike also worked in a cotton warehouse for a long time.
  • Brother: Garrett has an older brother named Lincoln Riley. Lincoln is a very famous football coach. He leads the USC Trojans team and is known for training some of the best players.


Football is more than just a game for the Riley family; it’s a shared passion that binds them. Both Lincoln and Garrett Riley have carved a niche for themselves in the world of college football, showcasing their coaching brilliance. Supported by their families and backed by their shared upbringing, these brothers continue to shine brightly in the football realm.

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