Jimbo Fisher Contract Details: Salary, Buyout by Years, Clauses and Breakdown


Jimbo Fisher stands as one of the most compensated college football coaches nationwide boasting a multi-million dollar contract. In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth analysis of Jimbo Fisher’s contract. We will delve into aspects such as his salary, year-by-year buyout amount, contractual clauses, and a comprehensive breakdown of his earnings.

What is Jimbo Fisher’s Contract with the Texas Aggies?

Jimbo Fisher's Buyout by Year

Jimbo Fisher agreed to a 10-year $94.95 million contract, with the Texas Aggies on September 1, 2021. This deal is fully guaranteed, which means that if Fisher were to be terminated by December 31, 2031, he would receive the amount specified in his contract. Fisher’s contract stands as the most profitable agreement in the history of college football.

It serves as a testament to Texas A&M’s commitment, to achieving championship success and establishing a football program that can compete at a level. Nevertheless, some individuals have expressed concerns regarding the size of Fisher’s contract and the extent of power it grants him. Critics argue that this agreement may render it extremely difficult for Texas A&M to dismiss Fisher even if his performance falls below expectations.

YearSupplemental CompensationBuyout Amount

How much money does Jimbo Fisher make per year?

As per his contract, Jimbo Fisher receives a salary of $9.15 million from the Texas Aggies. This comprises a salary of $500,000 and a supplemental salary of $8.65 million. Fisher’s earnings place him among the paid college football coaches showcasing Texas A&M’s commitment to achieving championship success.

With his track record, including winning a championship at Florida State in 2013 Fisher has showcased his abilities as both a coach and an effective recruiter. Notably, he has successfully attracted high school football players from, across the nation to join the Texas A&M team.

Is Jimbo Fisher the highest-paid college football coach?

No Jimbo Fisher isn’t the coach who earns the money in college football. That distinction belongs to Nick Saban, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, who makes $11.7 million annually. Fisher ranks second among college football coaches in terms of salary with an earning of $9.15 million, per year.

Following him are Dabo Swinney from Clemson University ($11.5 million) Kirby Smart from the Georgia Bulldogs ($11.25 million) and Lincoln Riley from the USC Trojans (earning, over $10 million).

What are Jimbo Fisher’s performance bonuses?

Jimbo Fisher has the opportunity to earn performance bonuses under his contract, with the Texas Aggies. These bonuses include;

  • $1 million reward for each time he reaches the SEC Championship game.
  •  A $2 million bonus for every appearance in the College Football Playoff.
  •  An impressive $5 million payout for winning the College Football Playoff.

On top of these performance-based incentives, Fisher is also eligible, for academic achievement rewards.

How much could Jimbo Fisher make in total compensation in 2023?

Jimbo Fisher has the potential to earn a compensation of, up to $15 million in 2023. This includes his salary of $9.15 million along with performance bonuses and incentives for academic achievements.

If Fisher participates in the SEC Championship game he could receive a bonus of $1 million. Additionally, if he qualifies for the College Football Playoff he could earn a bonus of $2 million. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for Fisher to receive a bonus of $5 million if he secures a victory, in the College Football Playoff.

What is Jimbo Fisher’s net worth?

Jimbo Fisher has an estimated worth of $25 million making him one of the highest-paid college football coaches, in the nation. He earns $9.15 million annually. He has also accumulated a significant amount from previous coaching roles and endorsements.

Fisher’s net worth is a testament to his achievements as a coach. He boasts a championship win multiple conference championships. Has been honored with the Coach of the Year title on numerous occasions. Additionally, he is renowned for his recruiting abilities ranking among the best, in the country.

What are the implications of Jimbo Fisher’s contract for college football?

Jimbo Fisher’s agreement, with the Texas Aggies, carries implications for the world of college football. It demonstrates that educational institutions are willing to invest in coaches who have a track record of success.

This in turn places added expectations, on coaches to consistently deliver results. Moreover, it may prompt schools to consider offering their coaches extended contracts potentially making it harder for schools to terminate coaching agreements without challenges.

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