Kyle McCord Parents: Meet Stacy And Derek Mccord


Kyle McCord, the Ohio State quarterback, has recently garnered significant attention due to his exceptional talent at a young age. This article delves into the journey of Stacy and Derek McCord, the parents of the up-and-coming star.

We’ll explore the dynamics of their family life tracing Derek’s background and the challenges he encountered while promising to provide his children with a different upbringing. You’ll get a glimpse into the story of the McCord family highlighting how parental dedication and perseverance have had an impact.

Who are Kyle McCord’s Parents?

Kyle McCord with his parents and Girlfriend

Kyle McCord’s parents are Stacy McCord and Derek McCord. Mother Stasy is an educator who serves as a gifted and STEM program instructor for elementary school learners on the other hand Kyle’s father, Derek was a professional quarterback at Rutgers University between 1988 and 1992.

He played for the Scarlet Knights for four years, where he started in 38 games totaling an impressive 4,984 yards and 21 touchdowns during his college career. The two-time All-Big East selected player was named this way for his brilliant performance.

From a young age, Kyle’s parents have been encouraging him in his football career. Together with his brother Cole, they were coached in youth football by Derek himself who helped them to build their football skills. Stacy has stood by Kyle to give support, encourage him through everything, and be there for him.

Where Do Kyle McCord’s Parents Live?

Kyle McCord’s parents, Stacy and Derek McCord reside in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. It’s roughly an hour away, from the Ohio State campus in Columbus. This happens to be the town where Kyle McCord grew up and attended school.

The McCords are a knit family. Have always shown unwavering support for Kyle’s football career. They frequently make trips to Ohio State games to witness him in action. In 2023 Kyle McCord had a game at Rutgers, his father’s alma mater where he played college football. The entire McCord family was thrilled to see Kyle play at his father’s stomping grounds.

Derek McCord, a standout athlete himself faced challenges during his upbringing due to his parent’s divorce which hindered him from receiving guidance and instilling a strong work ethic early on. Despite starting with promise at Rutgers Derek encountered difficulties in his career. Determined not to repeat history Derek has embraced being a father of three.

Has taken on the role of coaching his children in Mount Laurel, NJ. Recognizing Kyle’s talent from an early age Derek pushed him hard while Stacy—Kyle’s mother who is a talented program teacher—instilled her own strong work ethic in him as well. Derek’s commitment, to providing the attention and guidance he missed out on is reflected in how he approaches parenting.

Kyle McCord’s Parent’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Stasy and Derek are known to be of White descent. Kyle McCord was born on September 19 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in the neighboring town of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Both of McCord’s parents, Stacy and Derek McCord, also hail from New Jersey. McCord himself takes pride in being a citizen of the United States.

Kyle McCord Siblings

Kyle McCord is not the only offspring of Stacy and Derek McCord. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister named Courtney and Cole. Unfortunately, there isn’t information, about the birth order or age difference between Kyle and his siblings. It seems that Cole and Courtney have managed to keep a profile private as far as there haven’t been any notable mentions or news about them yet.

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