Lane Kiffin’s Daughters: Meet Landry and Pressley


Lane Kiffin is a prominent figure in sports, serving as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels football team. He is also a loving father to two daughters, Landry and Pressley. In this article, we will take a closer look at the social media-active daughters of Lane Kiffin, who never forget to take pictures and share them with their fans. Let’s deep dive in…

Lane Kiffin’s Daughters

Lane Kiffin Daughters

Lane and Layla Kiffin have two daughters, with Landry Kiffin born in 2005, followed by Pressley Kiffin in 2007.

Both Landry and Pressley experienced diverse upbringings due to their father, Lane Kiffin, coaching various teams during their formative years.

They resided in different locations, including Tampa, Florida, Oakland, California, and Knoxville, Tennessee, before settling in Oxford, Mississippi, where Lane Kiffin currently serves as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels.

Landry’s Education and Background

Landry Kiffin is currently enrolled in Ole Miss University taking a course in Marketing. She also belongs to the Kappa Gamma sorority. Landry is an excellent athlete who also played volleyball in high school. She is among the social media influencers with over 55,000 followers on TikTok.

Landry is a funny, bubbly person. Most of the time, TikTok is the thing they try to make fun out of it. Landry is a big supporter of her father’s team the Ole Miss Rebels, and has been spotted cheering them on at games.

Pressley’s Education and Background

At this moment, Pressley Kiffin attends Oxford High School as a cheerleader on the track team. Pressly is also a renowned TikTok star with a fan base of 44,000 followers. She’s quite friendly and tender. She appreciates outdoor activities and socializes well with her relatives and friends.

Landry and Pressley’s Mom and Siblings

In 2004, Layla and Lane Kiffin were a couple until 2016. Layla is an active mother who stays a housewife and takes part in her children’s lives. Landry’s younger brother Knox is not alone among her siblings. Her father has two other children from his marriage to Jodi Cretini. His step-siblings include Monte Knox Kiffin and Carter Kiffin. Knox was born in 2009 and he is a student at Oxford Middle School. Knox is an excellent player in football and basketball.

Both Landry and Pressley Kiffin are bright and gifted children. They’re both popular on social media, supporting the team of their fathers. The two sisters also have a strong connection to their little brother, Knox, as well as others who are mentioned in the story.

Lane Kiffin’s Viral TikTok Reaction to Daughter’s Shopping Spree

Lane Kiffin’s daughter spent how much at ZARA? via ESPN College Football

Lane Kiffin found himself astonished while on a TikTok. The source of his astonishment? The Shocking Shopping Trip of his Daughter at Zara. However, Kiffin was shocked after learning how much his daughter had spent since he was going to earn more than $7 million for the season.

Landry, another daughter of Kiffin, posted a video on TikTok where yet another daughter, Pressley admitted that she had spent more than 721 dollars on some new clothes.

The next moment was a wild ride of emotions, recorded in the amusing TikTok video that spread quickly. At 47, he presented another aspect of what the fans and the viewers rarely get to experience from him.

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