Lincoln Riley Net Worth (2024): Exploring USC HC’s Career Earnings


Lincoln Riley is one of the most successful college football coaches in the country, and his net worth reflects that. In 2024, Riley’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. This figure includes his salary, bonuses, and other income from his coaching career. Riley is one of the highest-paid college football coaches in the country, earning a base salary of $10 million annually at USC.

NameLincoln Riley
Net Worth$31 million (approx)
ContractReportedly $110 million over 10 years
Career Earnings$35 million (approx)

How Much Does Lincoln Riley Make in a Year?

Lincoln Riley Career Earnings

Lincoln Riley earns an average of $11 million per year as the head coach at USC, for a total of $110 million over 10 years, placing him among the highly compensated college football coaches nationwide. Additionally, his contract encompasses bonuses that have the potential to boost his income even more. With a track record of guiding Oklahoma to the College Football Playoff in each of his five seasons as their leader Riley is anticipated to revive USC and position them as a competitor on the national stage, in the forthcoming years.

Lincoln Riley Income Sources

Salary: Riley earns a base salary of $10 million annually as the head coach at USC. This makes him one of the highest-paid college football coaches in the country.

Bonuses: Riley’s contract also includes bonuses, which could increase his annual earnings even further. For example, he is eligible for a bonus of $1 million if USC wins the Pac-12 Conference championship and $2 million if the Trojans win the national championship.

Business investments: Riley has not disclosed any business investments. However, he may have invested in some businesses, given his net worth of $12 million.

Lincoln Riley’s Career Earnings

Lincoln Riley has earned, around $30 million throughout his career, which includes his coaching salary, bonuses, and other related income. He started his journey as an assistant in 2003 at Texas Tech and gradually climbed the ladder to become an offensive coordinator.

In recognition of his skills, he was honored with the Broyles Award in 2015. During his time at the University of Oklahoma from 2017 to 2021 he led the team to multiple College Football Playoff appearances. Secured four 12 Conference championships.

Recently in 2021, he made a move by joining USC as their head coach. With a contract spanning over ten years, Lincoln Riley’s career earnings are expected to skyrocket due, to increased salary offers, endorsements, and potential business ventures.

Earnings From Coaching Career 

Lincoln Riley’s coaching career has experienced salary growth. He started as an assistant, at Texas Tech in 2003 earning $15,000. Over time he progressed to become a coordinator in 2010. Was making $250,000. When he became the head coach at Oklahoma in 2017 his annual salary increased to $3 million. Later reached $4.5 million in 2019.

Recently in 2021, Riley made a move to USC. Signed a 10-year contract worth $110 million resulting in an annual income of $11 million. Moreover, he has the opportunity to earn bonuses such as $1 million for winning the Pac-12 Conference championship and $2 million for securing a championship with USC.

In addition, to coaching duties, Riley supplements his income by participating in speaking engagements and media appearances. He is also one of the co-founders of Rileys Roughnecks, a coaching clinic company.

Lincoln Riley’s Real Estate Investments

Lincoln Riley is the owner of a residence worth $10 million, in Palos Verdes Estates, where he enjoys stunning ocean views in Los Angeles, California. Although there have been speculations about properties in his investment portfolio their details remain private.

It is reasonable to assume that these properties have played a part in Riley’s estimated worth of $31 million given the potential, for real estate to appreciate over time. Undoubtedly his real estate investments contribute significantly to his wealth.

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