Nick Saban Ethnicity and Nationality: Tracing the Alabama HC’s Roots


Nick Saban, the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide is a prominent figure in college football. He is renowned for his achievements and strong leadership abilities. Outside of football Saban’s ancestral background plays a role in shaping who he is today.

This article aims to delve into Saban’s ethnicity and nationality uncovering the influences that have contributed to his journey. Join us as we explore the roots that have played a part in molding one of the most successful coaches in the history of college football.


NameNicholas Lou Saban, Jr.
EthnicityWhite Croatian-American
FaithCatholic Christian 
First LanguageEnglish 
ParentsNick Lou Saban Sr. And Mary Saban

Nick Saban’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Nick Saban, a football coach, was born on October 31, 1951, in the town of Fairmont, West Virginia in the United States. His Croatian ancestry is rooted in his grandfather, Stanko Saban, who migrated from Gospić, Croatia to the United States back in 1908.

Further enriching his Croatian lineage is his grandmother, Anna Mihalic. As a result of these deep ties and connections, Nick Saban proudly identifies as both Croatian and American.

Nick Saban’s Family Background

Nick Saban Family Background

Nick Saban grew up in Fairmont, West Virginia with his parents, Nick Lou Saban Sr. And Mary Saban. Both of his parents had Croatian roots, which greatly influenced his upbringing. His father worked as a gas station attendant and, in coal mines, instilling in him work from an early age.

Growing up in Monongah, West Virginia with his sister Dianna Nick learned the importance of discipline, hard work, and family values.

Having a connection to his heritage both of Nick’s parents actively participated in the local Catholic church. This upbringing shaped his faith and outlook on life. His family lineage traces back, to his grandfather Stanko Saban who immigrated from Gospić, Croatia in 1908.

During Nick Saban’s year of graduate school, he experienced the loss of his father Nicholas Lou Saban Sr. who passed away at the age of 46 in September 1973.

The impact of this loss has been openly discussed by Saban himself. Served as a source of inspiration for him to strive for greatness every day. It is worth mentioning that Nick Saban’s mother is still alive and going strong at the age of 92. She continues to support her son by attending matches.

Nick Saban Faith

Nick Saban openly acknowledges that his Catholic faith has had a great impact on his life and leadership philosophy. He actively embraces his Catholicism by attending mass, which greatly influences his decision-making and personal values. Engaging in initiatives and charitable work Saban believes that his faith plays a crucial role in cultivating essential leadership qualities such as discipline and integrity.

With a coaching philosophy grounded in core values, like honesty, respect, and hard work he fosters an environment of teamwork. While he openly discusses the significance of faith Saban respects others’ beliefs by leading through actions rather than imposing his convictions. This inclusive and faith-driven approach defines his style of leadership.

Nick Saban Coaching Career 

Nick Saban, a coach, in American football, has had a remarkable career leading various institutions. He has coached at the University of Toledo Michigan State University, and Louisiana State University (LSU). Currently at the University of Alabama.

During his time at the University of Toledo in 1990, Saban guided the Rockets to a 9-2 season. Secured a share of the Mid-American Conference title. As head coach at Michigan State University from 1995 to 1999, he achieved a record of 34-24-1.

Saban’s tenure at LSU (2000 2004) was marked by success culminating in winning the BCS National Championship in 2003. He briefly transitioned to coaching in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins in 2005.

Since 2007 Saban has been serving as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Under his leadership, they have captured championships including BCS and AP titles. Over his coaching career spanning 26 seasons, he holds an exceptional record of 274 wins, 67 losses, and one tie.

Notably during his time in Tuscaloosa, he has achieved a mark of 183 wins out of just 25 losses. With seven titles to his name, Saban’s coaching legacy is unparalleled in college football history.

Nick Saban’s Better Half and Kids

Terry Constable Saban, an American, used to work as a teacher and is now focused on caring for the household. Happily married to Nick Saban since 1971, they share their hearts with their two adopted children, Nicholas and Kristen.

Nicholas, who graduated from university has found success as an entrepreneur. He was previously married to Kelse Laney. Together they have a daughter. Currently, Nicholas is in a relationship with Samira Magarov. Kristen, the child they adopted, tied the knot with her childhood sweetheart, Adam Setas.

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