Riley Leonard NFL Draft Projection: What round could Duke’s QB go in?


Duke’s quarterback, Riley Leonard is generating a lot of interest as we approach the 2024 NFL Draft. He possesses a skill set as a quarterback showcasing both an arm and impressive athleticism. However, it’s worth noting that he still has room, for growth due to his inexperience.

The projections for Leonard’s draft position vary greatly. Some experts believe he could be selected in the round while others speculate he may slip to the round or potentially even later. Ultimately his performance at the NFL Combine and during pro day workouts will heavily influence his stock.

If Leonard can demonstrate mechanics and decision-making abilities during these evaluations there is no doubt that teams will be enticed by him as an early-round pick. His potential to become a cornerstone franchise quarterback, in the NFL is undeniably promising.

Riley Leonard’s NFL Draft Eligibility Status

What round could Duke's QB, Riley Leonard go in

Riley Leonard is eligible, for the 2024 NFL Draft because he has completed his year of college eligibility and will be at least 20 years old on draft day. Throughout his time at Duke, Riley Leonard has started in a total of 23 games. He has demonstrated skills having thrown for 5,821 yards with 45 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Additionally, he has showcased his versatility by rushing for a total of 1,234 yards and scoring 15 touchdowns on the ground. In recognition of his performance in the field, Leonard was honored with a spot on the All-ACC Second Team in 2022. Furthermore, he was also recognized as a semifinalist, for the Davey O’Brien Award, which celebrates the nation’s quarterback.

Riley Leonard’s Strengths and Weaknesses as a Quarterback


  • Strong arm
  • Good athleticism
  • Dual-threat ability
  • Intelligent


  • Raw
  • Needs more experience
  • High-potential player, Needs to be more selective with his throws

What NFL teams are interested in Riley Leonard?

A number of NFL teams are interested in Riley Leonard, including the Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, and Indianapolis Colts. These teams are all in need of a new quarterback, and they believe that Leonard has the potential to be a franchise player.

Factors that could affect Riley Leonard’s draft position

A number of factors could affect Riley Leonard’s draft position, including:

  • His performance at the NFL Combine and his pro day workouts
  • The needs of the teams in the first and second rounds
  • The overall strength of the 2024 quarterback class

Only time will reveal where Leonard will ultimately be selected in the draft. Nonetheless, he stands out as one of the prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft with tremendous potential to become a franchise quarterback, in the NFL.

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