Who are Roman Wilson’s parents, Colleen Colegrove and Jeffrey Wilson?


Roman Wilson is a wide receiver for the Michigan Wolverines football team. He joined the Wolverines in 2019 and has been a valuable contributor to the team’s offensive attack ever since. In his freshman season, Wilson had 10 receptions for the year.

As a sophomore in 2020, he nearly tripled his production with 29 catches for 383 yards and 2 touchdowns. This article will provide background on Roman Wilson’s parents. Getting to know the parents of college athletes can give fans a better understanding of the influences and support systems that helped shape these players into who they are today.

We will explore Colleen and Jeffrey’s occupations, their roles in Roman’s athletic development, and what they have to say about watching their son compete at the highest level of college football.

Roman Wilson Parents

Colleen Colegrove and Jeffrey Wilson
Credit: Sam Webb, 247Sports

Roman Wilson’s parents are Colleen Colegrove and Jeffrey Wilson. Colleen hails from Saint Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, while Jeffrey grew up in Kalamazoo in the southwestern part of the state.

Roman Wilson’s father, Colleen works as a real estate agent in Hawaii. She moved to the islands after meeting Jeffrey at Western Michigan University. Colleen has used her savvy communication skills and eye for detail to build a successful career helping clients buy and sell homes across Hawaii.

Roman’s mother, Jeffrey is a service manager for an auto dealership in Hawaii. He relocated with Colleen and has adjusted well to island life. Jeffrey draws on his deep knowledge of car maintenance and repair to oversee the service technicians at his dealership. His management style emphasizes communication and high standards to ensure excellent customer service.

Between Colleen’s northern Michigan roots and Jeffrey’s southwestern Michigan upbringing, Roman has grown up with a diverse range of cultural influences from his parents. Their paths crossing at Western Michigan University also highlights the interconnectedness that led to Roman’s upbringing in Hawaii.

Where do Roman Wilson’s Parents Live?

Roman Wilson’s parents, Colleen and Jeffrey, now reside in Michigan. After Roman left Hawaii to attend the University of Michigan, his family decided to move to Michigan as well to be closer to him during his college years.

Roman Wilson’s Parent’s Ethnicity

Both of Roman’s parents are American citizens. His mother Colleen has Irish and German heritage, while his father Jeffrey has African American ancestry. This blend of European and African lineages is an integral part of who Romans is.

Roman Wilson’s Siblings

Roman has two brothers, Cody and Micah Wilson. As the middle child, Roman has benefitted from the mentoring of older brother Cody and enjoys setting an example for younger brother Micah. Cody played football at the University of Tulsa.

Both brothers have supported Roman in his football endeavors, helping to train him and providing advice learned from their own experiences competing in college athletics. Their guidance has helped shape Roman into the impressive football talent he is today.

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