Who are Steve Sarkisian Parents, Sally and Seb Sarkisian?


Steve Sarkisian is an American football coach and a former player who is back in the news again for several good reasons like helping the Texas Longhorns qualify for the playoffs, being one of the finalists for the Bear Bryant Coach of the Year Award and winning the AP All-Big 12 Coach of the Year.

However, in this blog, we will discover who Steve Sarkisian’s parents are, and look back at his roots and upbringing.

Who Are Steve Sarkisian’s Parents?

Steve Sarkisian Parents, Sally and Seb Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian’s parents are Seb and Sally Sarkisian. The Sarkisian family dwells in Torrance, California, and has seven children in total, four sisters and three sons, including Steve.

Steve’s dad, Seb Sarkisian is an Iranian-Armenian who immigrated to the U.S. at the age of only 18 to attend college and pursue higher studies. He was an engineer. Steve’s mom, Sally, on the flip side, is of Irish descent and a homemaker with her hands full with seven kids to raise.

Where Do Steve Sarkisian’s Parents Live?

Before the birth of their seventh and youngest child, Steve, Seb, and Sally relocated from Boston to Torrance, California. Despite growing up in a family of nine, Steve had to find ways to entertain himself due to the large age gap between him and the other siblings.

They did their best to provide their family with all the resources to help them in becoming productive and contributing members of society. Seb and Sally played a significant role in Steve’s development as a football player and instilled strong values in him.

Steve Sarkisian’s Parent’s Ethnicity, Nationality, and Faith

Seb Sarkisian was born in Tehran, Iran, and is of Armenian heritage. His nationality is Iranian-American. Sally, on the other hand, is of Irish descent and is an American national. This means Steve is of mixed ethnicity, half-Armenian, half-Irish to be precise.

Steve’s religion is Christianity, specifically Catholicism. He has talked about his faith and religious belief openly on numerous occasions and has pointed out its importance in his life.

What is Steve Sarkisian’s Parents’ Net Worth

We have estimated that Seb and Sally’s combined net worth is estimated to be $1 million. While their son Steve’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as of 2023.

Steve’s financial success might suggest potential family wealth, but it wouldn’t directly translate to his parents’ net worth. However, we can easily assume that the Sarkisian family lived a very comfortable life.

Steve Sarkisian’s Siblings

Steve Sarkisian has six siblings in total, four brothers and two sisters. While not much information about all his siblings is available online, we know that his older brother Dave was a three-time All-American in soccer at Cal-State Dominguez Hills, and one of his sisters, Amy is married to David Peterson, the son of Steve’s former offensive coordinator at El Camino College.


With dreams of playing college football dancing in his head, young Steve Sarkisian’s life changed when he crossed paths with Steve Clarkson, the legendary quarterback coach. In an interview, Clarkson recalled the tough conversation he had with Steve’s parents about how their son might not have the ideal physique for the NFL.

He told them that Steve was incredibly smart, had an exceptional football IQ, and would make a great coach, a statement that initially aggravated Steve’s parents. However, years later, Clarkson’s assessment appears to have come true.

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