Who is Kelley Levis? Meet sister of Kentucky QB Will Levis


Kelley Levis, the sister of football player Will Levis, has taken the spotlight during the initial round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Her name was trending on various social media platforms, and she has already amassed a considerable following. Kelley’s captivating presence on Day 1 of the draft has caught the attention of viewers worldwide.

Unfortunately, Will Levis and his family did not have a promising start to the 2023 NFL Draft. Despite being predicted as a top-10 pick, the former Penn State and Kentucky quarterback was not chosen during the first round.

During ESPN’s coverage of the draft, Kelley was seen with her brother, causing a stir among captivated viewers who expressed their enthusiasm on Twitter.

Meet Will Levis’ sister, Kelley Levis

In 2023, Kelley accomplished her Biology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Concurrently, she completed a two-year Entrepreneurship Certificate program and pursued Liberal Arts and Business at IES Abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Kelley also gained some work experience as a Research and Development Intern at Roper Thermals LLC from June to August 2022. Roper Thermals is North America’s oldest running phase change materials producer.

Previously, in 2019, Will Levis’s sister completed her secondary education at Daniel Hand High School located in Madison, Connecticut. During her time there, she proved herself to be an Academic All-American Gymnast, along with being a varsity player for indoor track, gymnastics, and lacrosse.

From Father to Son to Sister: The Levis Family’s History of Viral Fame Continues

The Levis family has a talent for capturing attention online. Earlier this year, Will Levis’s unique coffee recipe – which involved substituting cream and sugar with mayonnaise – went viral. The quirky idea came about during a playful conversation with his girlfriend over breakfast, and it quickly gained traction online.

As the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft came to an end, viewers eagerly anticipated the moment when Will Levis would be drafted. With the cameras all set to capture the family’s reactions, Kelley’s fame seemed poised to soar even higher.

Despite Will’s unexpected fall outside the first round, he can find solace in the fact that his family, particularly his sister Kelley, received a lot of positive attention throughout the event. Fans and viewers will continue to keep an eye on the Levis family as the NFL Draft progresses, with many hoping to hear Will’s name soon.

In the meantime, Kelley Levis is enjoying her newfound fame and acknowledges that sometimes, it is the loved ones who find themselves in the spotlight that become the biggest winners, even if they are not drafted themselves.


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