Meet Mark Stone’s wife Hayley Thompson: A look into Golden Knights Captain Personal Life


Mark Stone is a prominent Canadian ice hockey player who presently leads the Vegas Golden Knights as their captain in the National Hockey League (NHL). His career in the NHL commenced in 2014 with the Ottawa Senators, where he rapidly gained recognition as a talented player. While Stone is recognized for his exceptional performance on the ice, his personal life is equally fulfilling. In this article, we will delve deeper into Mark Stone’s wife, Hayley Thompson, and their relationship.

Who is Mark Stone’s wife, Hayley Thompson?

In 2021, Mark Stone and Hayley Thompson announced their engagement and later tied the knot in a private ceremony that same year. Although Thompson is known for being private, the couple has provided glimpses of their life together on social media, showcasing their relationship to their fans. Stone and Thompson have been seen attending events together, demonstrating their strong bond.

Despite Thompson’s personal background being relatively unknown, it is evident that she is a supportive partner to Stone, and the two make a great team. While the couple has maintained their privacy, they have shared parts of their journey on social media, including posts and photos from their engagement and wedding. Fans have been delighted to witness the couple’s happiness and have congratulated them on their milestones.

Mark Stone’s NHL Career Highlights

Mark Stone kicked off his NHL career in 2014 with the Ottawa Senators, where he quickly rose to fame by scoring 26 goals in his debut season. He has since become a prominent player in the league, consistently netting at least 20 goals each season and exhibiting a remarkable defensive game.

During the 2018-19 season, Stone had his most impressive offensive season with the Senators before being traded to the Vegas Golden Knights. Upon joining the Knights, he quickly emerged as a leader on the team and helped steer them to the playoffs in his first season. Throughout his career, Stone has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a passion for the game, resulting in numerous accolades and awards.

Aside from his successful NHL career, Stone is also actively involved in charitable initiatives such as supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health. Together with Thompson, Stone is poised to make a difference both on and off the ice.


To sum up, although Hayley Thompson prefers to keep her life private, it’s evident that she plays a vital role in supporting Mark Stone. As Stone continues to make strides in his NHL career and give back to charitable causes, Thompson stands by his side, offering love and encouragement every step of the way.


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