Strange Things You Might Not Know About the NBA



By Abhinav

06 September, 2023

Bizarre NBA facts: from airless balls to unique team names. Dive into these strange tales from the world of basketball.

In 1946, the Boston Celtics almost became the Boston Unicorns. Imagine Jason Tatum as a Boston Unicorn!

The Boston Unicorn

NBA players go by different names. Stephen Curry is Wardell, Ray Allen is Walter, Mugsy Bogues is Tyrone.

NBA Players' Alter Ego

Davis & Curry pretended to be friends but secretly hated each other. Feud got so bad, Davis ended it.

Anthony Davis vs. Steph Curry

Steph Curry is not just a basketball wizard; he's also an exceptional golfer. He once hit a hole-in-one during a celebrity golf tournament.

Steph Curry's Golf Prowess

Women were drafted in NBA before. Denise Long in '69, Caitlyn Jenner in '77. But no one played.

Women in the NBA

Jordan Haber, an ordinary guy, found a loophole and made himself eligible for the 2023 NBA draft.

Anyone Can Be Drafted

Hornets wore special red jerseys in '06 to thank OKC for hosting them after Katrina. Jerseys sold at auction, raised $22k for charity.

The Rarest NBA Jersey

The NBA introduced smart jerseys in 2019. By 2030, you can expect to see jerseys that can change players' names and numbers with the press of a button.

The Future of NBA Jersey

Basketball has evolved from a soccer ball with laces to a 3D-printed airless ball that eliminates deflation.

Evolution of the Basketball

Kobe Bryant was so young when he signed his first NBA contract that his parents had to co-sign it.

Kobe Bryant's First Contract

Some NBA players wear unusual jersey numbers like 67, 81, and 99. There are still some numbers, such as 58, 64, 74, and 69, that have never been worn.

Weird Jersey Number

The NBA is filled with peculiar stories, from unique team names to unexpected player alter egos and bizarre jersey numbers. These strange tales make the world of basketball even more fascinating.

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