Aaron Rodgers' Diet: A Look at What He Doesn't Eat

By Abhinav

September 03, 2023

Aaron Rodgers, the NFL superstar QB has been making headlines not for his on field skills but for his stringent dietary habits. In this web story, we’ll look about his diet.

No More Dairy 

Aaron Rodgers has cut out dairy from his diet. Which means, no more milk, cheese, or yogurt. He is aiming to reduce inflammation and improve his general health by cutting out dairy.

Embracing a Vegan Lifestyle 

Rodgers has adopted a plant-based lifestyle. This means the majority of his meals are plant-based, composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. He feels that it keeps him at his best physically.

Goodbye Gluten

Another dietary restriction: gluten. He steers clear of wheat and gluten products like bread and pasta. It may be beneficial for those sensitive to gluten or celiac sufferers.

No More Caffeine

Caffeine, which he says is in many of the food we consume, is something Aaron Rodgers doesn’t partake in. He chooses non-caffeinated drinks such as herbal teas or water instead.

Nutritional Benefits

Rodgers’ nutrition practices primarily center around his health and health. By eliminating dairy, gluten, and caffeine, he minimizes potential sources of inflammation, allergies and GI problems.

Aaron Rodgers’ diet is a reflection of his dedication to optimal performance and overall health. By giving up dairy, gluten, caffeine and going vegan.

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