Brady to Mahomes: AI Reimagined What NFL Stars Would Look Like in a War Movie

By Prikshit

September 4,2023

AI has taken the world by the storm. The times are changing and so are our minds and imagination. Let's look at some of our favourite NFL starts and what they’d look like in a war movie.

Travis Kelce is reimagined as a warrior yielding a big, thick sword ready for some blood of his opponents.

T.J Watt is dressed like a USA soldier ready to fight the good fight against the enemies. He is depicted as an outlaw soldier taking a stroll through the battlefield.

Patrick Mahomes is shown as an ancient warrior standing tall with his troops, ready to kill in his fighting attire.

Aaron Rodgers is shown as a skilled warrior in a Greyhound movie. He looks ready to take over the world on his white horse.

Tom Brady aka The Goat, is reimagined as an American sniper ready to take long shots with impeccable accuracy. 

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