By Aditi

June 27, 2023

Blackpink Members Perfume Preferences 

Have you ever wondered what the members of BLACKPINK smell like? Find out their favorite scents; everyone has a particular smell that adds a personal touch to their essence.

BLACKPINK idols will not only make you fall in love with their music and talents but also with their beautiful aroma which is enhanced when they wear their favorite perfumes.

The BLACKPINK members' favorite perfumes complement their personalities and blend nicely with their unique looks, which are strong yet exquisite. perfumes.

Lisa's: CELINE Black Tie

CELINE Black Tie, a woody and musky scent with vanilla, cedarwood, and tree moss overtones. It is described as opulent and seductive, and it is ideal for special events.


Rosé's-  Le Labo Citron 28.

Rosé has been photographed wearing Le Labo Citron 28, a zesty perfume with tones of lemon, ginger, and cedarwood. It is both refreshing and stimulating and everyday use.


Les Eaux De Chanel Deauville - Jennie Kim's

Jennie enjoys the crisp and zesty aroma of Les Eaux De Chanel Deauville. The perfume contains bergamot, lemon, jasmine, and cedarwood and is believed to be ideal for hot days.


Miss Dior Rose N' Roses -  Jisoo's

Jisoo enjoys the classic rose fragrance of Miss Dior Rose N' Roses. The scent is a rose, jasmine, and peony blend that is both feminine and sophisticated.


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