By Aditi


BTS's Songs That Will Make You Appreciate Your Friend


The K-pop group BTS is known for its powerful messages of friendship and solidarity. It's been seen that their music always speaks about the importance of strong relationships.

Here We’ve compiled a list of some famous BTS songs related to friendship that can melt your heart:


"Friends" is an enthusiastic dedication to their long-standing relationship, in which they recall their trainee days and regard each other as soulmates.

"Spring Day"

The title says, "Spring Day" which serves as a reminder that the winter season will not linger forever and that spring will arrive.

"Good Day"

In this song, boys are like best friends that stand with you through thick and thin, despite your differences. 

A Supplementary Story

You Never Walk Alone" It's like a warm, comforting embrace, reminding you that you'll always have that one buddy who understands. In this situation, that person is BTS. 

"We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal"

The Eternal" is a wonderful portrayal of how BTS endured throughout their debut, including the long hours spent training and the constant criticism they faced. 

These songs not only represent their true relationship but also a passionate homage to their followers who have faith in them.

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