By  Shivnangi


NFL's Biggest Draft Busts: College Stars Who Flopped Hard 

It's inevitable that in a sport like NFL,there will be atleast some players who didn't match with the expectations after having better college experience. Let's have a look on flopped college stars

Leinart was the most recent top-10 pick to flame out in the NFL He retired before the 2010 season after failing to live up to expectations.

Matt Leinart

Tim Couch was expected to be NFL savior, but leg injuries & inconsistent play behind poor OL derailed career.

Tim Couch

Leaf played 3 more games in 2001 for Dallas. He was out of the league after a few months & was drafted again 4 years later.

Ryan Leaf – QB – San Diego Charger

Tony Mandarich was a top NFL prospect, but his poor work ethic, injuries, and arrogance derailed his career.

Tony Mandarich – OT – Green Bay Packer

Rogers came into NFL in 2003 as surefire star, but injuries cut his career short. He played only 3 seasons & retired in 2006.

Charles Rogers – WR – Detroit Lion

Brian Bosworth was a brash, dominant college player who failed to live up to expectations in the NFL due to off-field issues & lack of speed.

Brian Bosworth – LB – Seattle Seahawk


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