Deku Loses His Edge in My Hero Academia



By Aishwary

July 19, 2023

Deku, the hardworking protagonist of My Hero Academia, has been dedicated to becoming a hero but is now facing challenges that have caused him to lose his edge. 

Reasons for Deku Losing His Edge

Deku's frequent use of One For All has led to painful bone injuries, taking a toll on his body and hero aspirations. He's got to find a way to balance his powerful quirk and stay in one piece

Deku's under immense pressure, cracking mentally from the weight of expectations. He needs to find relief and keep his spirit soaring.

Deku's lost friends in battles, burdening his heart and impacting his focus and training. He needs to heal and stay strong.

Consequences of Deku Losing His Edge

Deku's strength is waning, and he's having a tough time keeping up with his opponents. Those errors are creeping in, but he's got to find a way to bounce back.

Deku's feeling the pressure, and it's showing in his reckless moves and clouded decision-making. He's got to find his focus and make those hero moves count

Deku's withdrawing from friends and mentors, losing openness and trust. He must find a way to reconnect and lean on those who believe in him

Can Deku Find His Edge Again?

The possibility remains uncertain, given the challenges he faces. However, as a fighter who never gives up on his dreams, Deku has the potential to rediscover his edge.

In My Hero Academia, Deku faces a crucial moment. Will he lose his edge or rise to his hero destiny once more? We'll be rooting for him all the way!


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