Jaw-dropping Luxuries Owned by Shaquille O'Neal

By Aishwary


June 26, 2023

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most successful athletes ever who owns many expensive things from massive mansions to exotic car collections. Let's explore a few of Shaq's notable acquisitions:

Custom Treehouse

In 2018, Shaq invested $400,000 in a custom "man-cave" treehouse seen on "Treehouse Masters." It offers a roomy interior with a poker table, a bar, a fire pit, and other amenities.

Luxury Superyacht

Shaq owns a $10 million Pershing 72 Superyacht featuring luxurious rooms, a master suite, a spa, a pool, and more for his Bahamas getaways and beach visits.


Shaq's Star Island mansion, worth $16.5 million, is a modern castle with stunning views, 11 bedrooms, a gym, an indoor court, and a mesmerizing aquarium, radiating grandeur with art and luxury.

Private Jet

Shaq owns a $26 million private jet, "Shaq Force One," which offers luxury and privacy with a bedroom, shower, living area, and personal cinema for his global travels.

Garage of Marvels

Shaq's legendary garage is a paradise for car enthusiasts, housing over 30 exotic cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls-Royces

Shaq's luxuries showcased his success, but he also made a positive impact. He supported education, healthcare, and sports programs for underprivileged children through charitable foundations.

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