Jaw-dropping Luxuries Owned by Steph Curry

By Abhinav


August 17 2023

With his NBA success, Stephen Curry enjoys an extravagant and Lavish way of living. His net value includes a significant portion dedicated to his exclusive jet collection.


The Orinda, California property owned by Curry features an indulgent mansion with five grand bedrooms and four and a half stylish bathrooms. Simple yet chic fashion at its core.


Curry's impressive array boasts three high-end autos, each valued at over half a million bucks which is stunning Bugatti Chiron ($2.6 million) and a refined Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon ($200,000) 

Curry's Private Jet

The privately owned aircraft used by Curry features an enormous cabin that comfortably seats 19 passengers during transcontinental flights. It cost $70 million.

Curry's Other Luxuries

His extensive assets extend beyond his renowned restaurants and include a lavish boat and a picturesque oceanfront property.

Curry's Philanthropy

His charity has benefited numerous organizations, including his own foundation, which prioritizes educational and youth development efforts.

Curry's Success

The status of Curry inside and outside of basketball have become a benchmark for admirers. His example underscores the power of diligence  in transforming aspirations into reality.

The indulgent nature of Curry's life symbolizes his exceptional accomplishments. The scope of his influence is vast, and his prospective successes are set to be remarkable.

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