Ja Morant Suspended: Is He Out of Control?

By SZH Desk             May 15 2023

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies faces suspension once again after flashing a gun, repeating a similar incident from March 2023.

In the recent video, Morant is seen dancing in a vehicle with friends before revealing the gun to the camera.  

Concerns arise as this incident follows a previous suspension for the same behavior just a few months ago.

The viral photo circulating on social media highlights Morant's involvement with the weapon.

The Grizzlies have yet to respond to requests for comment, while Morant's representatives remain silent as well.

Following the video, the team swiftly suspended Morant from all team activities.

The NBA spokesperson, Mike Bass, acknowledges the situation and mentions ongoing efforts to gather more information.

Morant had already faced allegations of misconduct earlier in the season, including an incident at a Denver nightclub.

After the gun incident in March, he took steps to address stress management by seeking treatment at a clinic.

Morant's past actions and off-court issues may have adversely impacted the team's performance during the season.

Notably, the NBA investigated an incident involving Morant and the Indiana Pacers, but no evidence of weapon threats was found.

In a previous police report, Morant was accused of exposing a gun after a physical altercation with a teenager during a basketball game at his residence.


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