Jaw-dropping Luxuries Owned by Michael Jordan



By Shivangi

09 September, 2023

Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest players ever. NBA champion has so much interest in most expensive purchases . So let's have a look:

Michael Jordan purchased incredible waterfront property in the Kendall region of Miami for around $281,000. 

Miami Estate - $300,000

Michael Jordan absolutely loves watches and he hardly wears the same watch twice. Michael has been known to own a one-of-a-kind collection of Rolex watches.

Luxurious Watch Collection 

Another Michael Jordan waterfront properties is thr massive mansion is just outside Charlotte North Carolina. 

North Carolina Home - $3 Million

Michael Jordan's car collection is legendary. It includes a $3M Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 & a $331k Ferrari 512.

Astonishing Car Collection - $10 Million

Michael Jordan loves golf so much he bought his own course for $15M.

Grove XXIII Golf Course - $15 Million

Jordan's jet, N236MJ, shows his jersey #, titles, & initials. He travels more than most due to work.

G550 Private Jet - $61.5 Million

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