LeBron James' Diet: A Look at What He Doesn't Eat

By Aishwary July 19, 2023


LeBron James, a pinnacle of physical fitness, attributes his success to a meticulous diet. He maintains strict dietary restrictions, avoiding performance-hindering foods to optimize his athletic prowess.

James steers clear of sugar whenever possible, recognizing its potential to cause weight gain and fatigue. Nothing stands in the way of his performance-focused mindset.


To maintain his fitness and performance, James avoids processed foods that can cause weight gain and compromise his health.

Processed foods

James minimizes his intake of red meat due to its high saturated fat content. He prefers protein sources like chicken, fish, and beans for a healthier diet.

Red meat

James, being lactose intolerant, steers clear of dairy products to prevent stomach issues and ensure uninterrupted performance.


James avoids alcohol to safeguard his performance, as he knows it can dehydrate him and impair his judgment.


James maintains his game-ready physique by nourishing himself with a diet abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and hydration.

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