Luxury Bikes Owned by NBA Players ft Shaq and LeBron

By Prikshit


NBA players live like royalty and enjoy spending their hard-earned money on luxuries that the general population cannot afford.  

Let's look at your favourite players and their favourite bikes.

The Big Fella owns a powerful bike in his massive collections of luxury vehicles. One of his favourites is the $50,000 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.


LeBron James, the King, is an avid motorcycle rider. Drake gifted him a bike with "King James" on its black and red frame.

LeBron James

Chris Paul also owns a unique bicycle that Floyd Mayweather designed. The bike has the letters "CP3" printed on the frame in black and gold. 

Chris Paul

Another NBA player that enjoys riding bikes is The Baby Face Assassin. He owns a number of bicycles, including a Pinarello Dogma F12 and a Cervelo R5.

Stephen Curry

These are just a few examples of the expensive bikes that NBA players own. These athletes have significant disposable income, and they're not shy about flashing it.

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