5 Most Iconic NBA Uniforms ft Bulls, Suns and More 



By Shivangi

Augusst 19, 2023

There are some NBA jersey uniforms which stand above all others! Even NBA players get quite excited about their uniforms at different times.

Let's take a look at 5 most iconic NBA uniforms in history which are very simple, comfortable and chic. 

This Jersey hasn't changed since the 80s because it's the most comfortable and go-to uniform that every basketball Fan is willing to pick-up.

Chicago Bulls  

Because of Drake, the team has one of the finest uniforms in NBA history. Nothing can compare how amazing and breathtaking gold-lined uniforms look.

Toronto Raptor

It is most agreed that Phoenix Suns are some of the greatest uniforms ever to grace the NBA from 1992-2000. It is simple yet stunning.

Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Lakers Hollywood Night Alternate uniforms are love. Mixture of yellow and purple with black presentation just classes up the whole look.

Los Angeles Laker

Atlanta Hawks is one of the greatest uniforms from 2007-12 .The deep blue colour  was very refreshing with a touch of red and that makes it one of the best modern sports uniforms. 

Atlanta Hawks  

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