By Prikshit


5 Most Iconic NFL Uniform ft Cowboys, Steelers and more

Fans love wearing their idol's jersey on various occasions just to show their love and appreciation for their teams and  favourite players.

Dallas Cowboys 

The vivid blue jerseys, white pants and silver star on the helmet make these uniforms easy to recognise. It continues to be one of the most liked in NFL history. 

Green Bay Packers 

One of the most iconic looks in all of sports, the Packers' green and gold uniforms have been worn by the team since its inception in 1919 

Pittsburgh Steelers 

The black and yellow "Terrible Towels" of the Pittsburgh Steelers have been in use since 1933, and they have contributed to the team's six Super Bowl victories. 

San Francisco 49ers 

The 49ers' red and gold uniforms are synonymous with success, as the team has won five Super Bowls while wearing them.

Miami Dolphins 

The outfits were initially worn in 1966 and were discontinued in 1996. Nevertheless, they have frequently been reintroduced as throwback uniforms 

It definitely depends on personal preference, and there are lots of other excellent options. But each of these five outfits are all classics that has endured the test of time.

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