By Aishwary Singh


My Hero Academia Fans Are Tired of the Series: Should It End?


As My Hero Academia faces fan fatigue, repetitive arcs, overused tropes, and lack of character development raise the question: Should the series end? 

Repetitive story arcs

Fans grow weary of My Hero Academia's repetitive arcs: heroes training for events and facing powerful villains. The formula feels stale to some.


Overused tropes

My Hero Academia faces criticism for overusing certain tropes, like the obsession with becoming the "greatest hero." This repetition lacks novelty and fails to captivate some viewers.



Lack of character development

Fans express disappointment over My Hero Academia's lack of character development. Stagnant characters and one-dimensional stereotypes hinder the engaging nature of the show

Should My Hero Academia end?

Should My Hero Academia end? It's a tough question. While it remains popular, signs of aging raise the possibility of ending on a high note.


final thoughts

My Hero Academia's future rests on creator Kohei Horikoshi. With necessary adjustments like more unpredictability and deeper character development, the series can go on.


your opinion

Do you believe My Hero Academia is showing its age? If so, would you like to see the series end or continue with alterations? If it continues, what changes would you like to see implemented?

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