NBA Celebrities' Unforgettable Vacation Getaways

By Prikshit


August 31, 2023

NBA champions and superstars make a lot of money during the regular season, and they often spend it during the off-season. Let's look at some of the NBA celebrities and their vacation homes.

LeBron James and family vacation in Turks and Caico

They take pleasure in swimming, snorkelling, and beach time. They even rented a private island for their holiday in 2018.

Michael Jordan and family vacation in the Bahama

Jordan family loved Bahamas. GOAT bought private island there.

Kobe Bryant and family vacation in Italy

Kobe Bryant and his family loved to vacation in Italy. They enjoyed visiting the cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, taking in the food and the rich culture.

Stephen Curry and family vacation in Lake Tahoe

They like to spend time outdoors and engage in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Curry even sent their kids to a Lake Tahoe summer camp in 2019

Kevin Durant and family vacation in Hawaii

Kevin Durant & family love Hawaii vacays: hiking, surfing, & unique Maui home in 2017.

These are just a few instances of the amazing vacation getaways enjoyed by NBA stars. Most NBA players have had incredible trips all over the world.

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