7 NBA Player Who Are Dominating Twitter 



By Abhinav

August 22, 2023

With Twitter as a Platform, these individuals share their thoughts, interact with fans and at the same time, enjoy the experience.

@KingJames’ huge following comes from his interesting tweets and unique content. He get's $139,474 per post on Twitter. 

Lebron James

@StephenCurry30 has an impressive Twitter following of 90 million followers. Based on the numbers, his total revenue per sponsored tweet is $66,553.

Stephen Curry

@KDTrey5 has an impressive 50 million-plus followers on Twitter. Unhindered, he shares his unconventional ideas. He is estimated to earn about $42,389 per tweet.

Kevin Durant

@Giannis_An34 an NBA star, is more than a Social media celebrity . On Twitter, he has an  estimated revenue from sponsored tweets is $34,290 per instance.

Giannis Antetokounmp

@JaMorant  is  one of the best. Twitter player in uncovering his dynamic personality, and gaining recognition. For him, revenue per tweet from sponsorship would be $28,276.

Ja Morant 

Recently, @Zionwilliamson rose to prominence, attracting over 8 million devoted followers.  He earns $22,160 per tweet.

Zion Williamson

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