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Netflix's Quarterback - NFL Must watch documentary?


Netflix's "Quarterback" offers unparalleled access to NFL's stars. The three quarterbacks wore mics throughout their matches and training exercises. In-depth probing into the personal spheres of these renowned signal-callers.

The Unprecedented Access

Intimate Insight

"Quarterback" goes beyond wins and losses. Witness how quarterbacks react to both victory and defeat, both on the pitch and away from it. The turbulent journey of the roller coaster was laid bare.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Directors shadowed players off-field. Crews captured personal moments, making players comfortable to share their journey. Inside scoop on their lives, adding depth to the series.

Manning's MVP Revelation

Manning: Season two of 'Quarterback' will only serve to boost success, with Mahomes' achievements serving as proof.

The Quarterback Role Unveiled

QB's role beyond throws: They master plays, read defense, lead the team. Spontaneous minds on the field, they instinctively guide their team towards victory. The engine room of a team's prosperity.

Pressure and Leadership

QB: Face of the franchise. Pressure from media and fans immense. These influential individuals shape the dynamics of their respective teams. The phrase emphasizes the duty involved beyond the playing area.

QB, the most crucial in football. Success hinges on their skills. The quarterback position underscores the significance of a field leader. An inspiring element that transforms group output.

The Pinnacle Position

"Quarterback" features Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. Their journey, struggles, and triumphs revealed. NFL fans and sports devotees should make sure to catch this telecast.

Meet the Star

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