By  Shivnangi August 09,2023


NFL Players and Team Owners Who Own Yacht

Football is becoming the highest money making sport in the world because of a large fan following. Here are the top football players who are managing the most expensive private yachts:

Jones is the  manager of Dallas CowBoys and owns a 357 foot long superyacht named Bravo Eugenia worth $250 million including luxurious rooms, swimming pool and garage area. 

Jerry Jones

Dan Snyder is the owner of Washington Commander and he owns a  180 ft long superyacht called LadyS worth $150 million featuring steam and massage room.

Dan Snyder

The owner of two professional sports teams, the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC and owns an expensive superyacht called DreAMBoat. The Yacht estimated around $100 million . 

Arthur Blank

Khan is the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars and he  has a slightly bigger yacht as compared to Snyder. He bought Kismet in 2012 and has its own basketball court and al fresco fire pit! 

Shahid Khan

Tom Brady needs no introduction . He is the winner of Super Bowls seven times and he currently owns two yachts named  Wajer 55S boat, worth $2 million and Wajer 77 worth $6 million. 

Tom Brady 

As you can see, the yachts owned by these players are very expensive and these are just one of the ways that they enjoy their wealth , success and live their life with comfort.


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