By Shivangi 


5 NFL Teams Make Millions in a Year ft Cowboys and Patriots

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world , and its team gets easily able to generate a good amount of revenue each year from various ways . Let's have a look :

These teams are the strongest and able to generate significant revenues from ticket sales,TV deals with FOX ,CBS ,NBC etc and merchandise deals. 

Dallas CowBoy 

The owner of this team is Jerry Jones and this team is the most valuable sports team in the world which is generating $8billion in a year.


New England Patriot 

New England Patriots are one of the most successful teams in NFL history ,and they also make around $6.4 billion because of their dedication towards their game.


Los Angeles Rams  

The owner  E. Stanley Kroenke clears that  their team is new but quickly becomes the profitable team by making $6.2 billion.


New York Giant 

This team is the oldest team in the NFL which is maintaining their legacy by winning hearts and generating money of around $6 billion .


Chicago Bears  

Bears able to purchase a $5.8 billion in a year by paying money around $100 and it was purchased in the year1920.


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