Antonia Brown to Beckham Jr.: The NFL's Most Flashy Jewelry Owners

By Prikshit

August 29, 2023

There is no shortage of NFL players who like showing their money by flashing expensive jewellery. Some of the league's most famous jewellers are listed here:

DeAndre Hopkin

Arizona Cardinals WR Hopkins once sported a football-field pendant chain with "Hopkins" & jersey no.

Richard Sherman

Superstar CB rocks diamonds on the field & off. Mouthpiece, chains, rings & bracelets.

Rob Gronkowski

Ex-Patriots TE known for bling & playful side. Even scores with diamond-encrusted ball.

Odell Beckham Jr

Another guy who loves to rock jewellery is the wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He even has a timepiece with over $1 million worth of diamonds.

Antonio Brown

He has been spotted in grills, rings, and necklaces made of diamonds. He even has a diamond-encrusted helmet that he wore during games.

Among the numerous NFL players that adore jewellery, these were just a handful. There is no doubt that these players have a tonne of money to spend on bling.

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