POP Culture 

By Shivangi 

August 09, 2023

Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Cacao Wow": A Chocolatey Treat for Your Feet 

Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Cacao Wow" is great initiative that has been added in the list of crafting aesthetically appealing footwear.

The Nike Blazer displays a wide variety of patterns including Mocha Brown look and the "Cacao Wow" has an amazing visual.

Vibe of Past and Present in Every Detail 

Nike shows their expertise in crafting footwear that mixs old with new. The hair suede upper and two- tonned colour are a clear nod to the past and present.

Tribute to Nike's Legacy 

With its modern tones and vintage aesthetic ,this model will attract many and when it will released people will imagine the  Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Cacao Wow" in Nike's sneaker history. 


The shoe is a combination of Cacao Brown which is used to make chocolate , sail , luminous green etc .


Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Cacao Wow" features padded tongue and collar , a durable outsole and swoosh logo.

About It's Pricing

Shoes price is around $100 and very good choice for summer as it is made of breathable materials and fabrics and make it comfortable and stylish.

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