The 5 Fitness Myths That Will Hold You Back 

Health & fitness


By Aditi verma

August 01, 2023

Some fallacies may influence how you choose to exercise, eat, and pursue your overall fitness objectives. 

The top 5 fitness myths are listed

Building muscle to offset weight loss is hard. Most strength training adds small muscle mass, which increases calorie burn.


Because you are gaining muscle, you are not losing weight

 If women strength train, they will gain weight

Women don't get bulky from lifting weights. Testosterone, the muscle-building hormone, is less abundant in women than in men.


You can "spot tone"

The fact is that tone is imperceptible. Your body experiences both fat loss and muscle gain, not just in certain places.


Equipment is less dangerous than free weights.

In reality, machines aren't always safer than free weights. Free weights are safer than machines as they provide more natural movement patterns.


"No gain without pain"

Pain during exercise isn't always good. It can be a sign of injury. Listen to your body & stop if you feel pain


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