The 6 Most Devastating Injuries In The NBA

By Prikshit July 24, 2023


As we are already aware, athletes have a very short life, and can only perform at their peak for about 10 to 15 years. This is a very short duration to make a name for yourself. 

When combined with injuries, trades and off-seasons, that time period shortens even more. While accidents, fights and injuries are part of the game, some bounce back from it, though most stay down.

Without a doubt, Injuries can be career ending for the athletes. Here are six of the most devastating injuries that happened in the NBA. 

While playing for Team USA, Paul made an awkward landing after an attempted chase down block that caused his leg to snap in two. Injury was so severe that he did not recover for almost 3 years.


He was the reigning MVP of the 2011 season, but after a torn ACL, he was never the same. He had to miss the entire 2012-2013 season and never really reached the MVP heights after that.


During the 2015 season , Cleveland had to give up their championship hopes after Kyrie suffered a fractured kneecap injury. He recovered completely by next season and helped CAVS win the championship. 


Love was playing for the Cavaliers when he fell awkwardly and separated his shoulder. The injury cost him the entire regular season in 2015. However, he, like Kyrie, bounced back and helped win a title.


He was one of the most dominant centers in the NBA in 2009. However, then he started having foot issues that affected his game. Eventually, he missed the 2009-2010 season , and retired in 2011.


Mamba is no stranger to injuries. He is probably the only player who has faced so many injuries in his career and  yet still kept going strong. However, a torn achilles in 2013 finally slowed Kobe down.


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