The Goku Form That Even Goku Fans Hate

By Aishwary


July 19, 2023

Goku, the iconic anime character, is revered for his powerful transformations. However, there's one form that even die-hard fans can't seem to love.

The Form

Meet Omen Goku, a fleeting form showcased during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. With silver hair and red eyes, this form packs a mighty punch.

Why Fans Hate It

Omen Goku's short duration disappoints fans, who yearn for more action in this form. Additionally, the unconventional appearance, with silver hair and red eyes, fails to win over most enthusiasts.

Alternative Forms

Fans propose better alternatives, like Mastered Super Saiyan Blue or Ultra Instinct Sign, that Goku could have explored instead of Omen Goku.

The Final Verdict

While opinions differ, Omen Goku remains one of Goku's least popular transformations among the fanbase.

Do you agree?

Share your thoughts on Omen Goku! Is it as disliked by you as it is by others, or do you find it intriguing?

The fate of Omen Goku in the Dragon Ball series remains uncertain. Will Goku master this form in the future, unlocking its true potential and gaining a significant power boost? Only time will tell.

The Future of Omen Goku


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