The Risks of Scraping Tartar Off Your Teeth

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By Shivangi

August 02, 2023

Ignoring our dental hygiene can be disastrous and one of the dental issue is tartar build-up. DIY techniques can do more harm than good by scraping tartar off your teeth at home. These includes 

Scaling the teeth at home can scratch the Tooth Enamel and make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods.

Teeth Damage 

Gum Damage

Tartar is hard substance and using by yourself without enough knowledge can injure your gums which lead to gum recession , bleeding and infection.


Even if you manage to remove tartar by yourself at home but you can't remove all of them properly which leads to build up again and you'll face more gum and tooth problems.


If you accidentally push tartar under the gumline, it could cause pain, swelling and even tooth loss which can cause heavy infection.

Tartar Breaking Off The Back of Teeth

If tartar is not removed,it will become calcified and hard and leave a sharp edge that can damage your tongue and cheek issue. 

It is very important to see a dentist for tartar removal because they are trained and they have proper equipment to remove tartar safely and effectively and recommend preventive measures also.

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