The Things Ja Morant Doesn't Want You to Know 

By  Abhinav             Aug 15, 2023

Ja Morant's JA One sneakers mysteriously removed from Nike and Finishline apps.

Post-gun incident

JA Morant's birthday bash turned wild as his $400K car 'Brett' took a beating, leaving him stunned by the morning's wreckage.

Costly Celebration  

Ja Morant, Rookie of the Year, receives a unique tribute from Memphis Zoo: a giraffe named 'Ja RAF' in his honor.

Giraffe Tribute

Interesting fact Ja Morant captivates with 300K+ subscribers and 10M+ views, proving inspiration knows no bounds.

NBA Baller cum Youtuber

Ja's left-arm tattoo bears his mom's advice, etching cherished words forever on and off the court.

Inked Morant

His dunking prowess emerged in his senior year of high school, a testament to his impressive athletic journey. Interestingly,  He couldn't dunk in his senior year of high school.

Dunking Evolution

Once a Rapper named MoneyBagg Yo, gifted Ja Morant a stunning $50K diamond-festooned 'Bread Gang' chain after the game ends.

Thousand-dollar Gifts

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