By Prikshit August 31,2023


Top 7 Instagram Photos That Caught Our Eye

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. These days people are hooked to it like crazy, just busy counting their likes, followers and shares.

Let's look at the top 7 times when a photo on instagram took the world by storm with its post

With over 539M followers on his instagram page, announcing the news of his twin kids really lit up the fans and amassed over 32 million likes.

Georgina And Ronaldo Expecting Twin

Couple of days after Ariana and Dalton exchanged vows, Ariana Grande took to instagram to let the world know about her better half getting over 26 million likes

Ariana Grande’s Wedding

She's been breaking the news ever since she started releasing music. This time she revealed her blonde look which totaled over 22 million like

Billie Eilish Haircut

XXXTentacion's last post got 30M likes despite only having 20M followers at death. His legacy lives on.

XXX Tentacion’s Last Post Before Death

Ronaldo and Messi worked on a project together for Louis Vuitton that got the fans talking. This paid partnership received as many as 42 million likes.

Ronaldo And Messi Playing Chess

This post held the title for most liked picture on instagram for a long time, with current likes count of just a few like short of 60 million likes in total.

A Brown Egg

GOAT's WC win pic broke IG record. Fans emotional, showered it w/likes.

Lionel Messi Posing With Argentina’s World Cup Victory

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