By Abhinav

August 17, 2023

4 Warrior Players Who Earn More Than Draymond Green 

Disclosure of Warriors monetary reports, who are earning more this season of NBA above Green's money.

Stephen Curry ($51.9 million )

Curry’s profits overshadow Green’s. Curry's impact extends beyond the court docket, demonstrating his dominance.


Klay Thompson ($43.2 million)

Dedication and difficult paintings had been the hallmarks of Thompson’s time with the Warriors. Green's income is insignificant via assessment.


Chris Paul ($30.8 million)

Chris Paul’s ability degree exceeds Green’s income. Paul’s vision and management capabilities gas the Warriors’ campaign.


Andrew Wiggins ($24.3 million)

Wiggins developing athletic ability and capabilities saved the group’s overall performance going. His income has exceeded Draymond Green’s.


Comparative Revenue

Unfortunately, Green’s revenue trails Curry, Thompson, Paul, and Wiggins. The breadth of his profits displays a robust commitment to the Warriors’ venture.

The Warriors' collective power comes from their harmony. Green’s impact goes beyond simply financial profits, he epitomizes the Warriors’ prevailing formula of willpower and flexibility.

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