Chicago Bulls to Nets: 10 Worst NBA Teams of All Time

By SZH Desk

June 01, 2023

Throughout NBA history, there have been exceptional teams like the 1971-'72 Lakers, 1995-'97 Bulls, and 2014-'17 Warriors, who cemented their status as all-time greats. 

However, for every powerhouse, there are those unfortunate squads that endured abysmal seasons, losing around 87.5% of their games. 

In this analysis, we delve into the ten worst NBA teams ever, solely focusing on their single seasons of utter futility.

2002-03 Cleveland Cavaliers


Record: 17-65. The team had a 15-game losing streak and traded away key players, hindering LeBron James' early success.

2000-01 Chicago Bulls


Record: 15-67. The Bulls embraced a rebuild with a young roster, but only Jamal Crawford showed promise.

2004-05 Atlanta Hawks


Record: 13-69. Josh Smith and Josh Childress provided some hope, but constant roster changes and poor draft choices held them back.

1982-83 Houston Rockets


Record: 14-68. Trading Moses Malone and declining Elvin Hayes led to a two-year bottom-out strategy to rebuild the team.

1986-87 Los Angeles Clippers


Record: 12-70. Michael Cage shone amidst the darkness, but poor draft choices and consistent failures plagued the team.

2009-10 New Jersey Nets


Record: 12-70. Brook Lopez emerged as a bright spot, but a historically bad start and roster turnover hindered the team.

1997-98 Denver Nuggets


Record: 11-71. Denver had a terrible scoring margin and struggled against winning teams, making poor draft choices along the way.

2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats


Record: 7-59. One of the worst winning percentages in NBA history, despite Kemba Walker's efforts.

1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies


Record: 15-67. The Grizzlies struggled in their inaugural season, lacking talent and experience.

1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers


Record: 9-73. The worst team in NBA history with only nine wins, plagued by a lack of talent and coaching.

To sum it up, these ten NBA teams endured seasons filled with profound disappointment, marked by dismal records, underwhelming displays on the court, and questionable choices made by their management


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