August 16, 2023

WWE Divas Who Were Never Relevant In The Company  

By Shivangi

In this story, we'll talk about  WWE Divas who were out to entertain through their looks alone because most of them not got the opportunity to succeed, hampered by injuries or personal matters.

Ariel was never a relevant character overall because her pairing with Kevin Thorn was not successful and her tarot-reading personality didn't last long.



Amy Weber

The Divas Winner search history and company attempted to make her important but when she was placed into JBL's Cabinet faction as his personal assistant things went wrong for her.



The Diva that made huge impact inside the ring due to her talent and WWE has huge expectations from her but unfortunately Kharma ended up being irrelevant because of her personal life rivalry.


Katie Lea Burchaill

A professional wrestler but not relevant because of her presentation in WWE and company gave chances to her only on some random television matches to shine. 


WWE has very high expectations from Cherry but she was not able to made much impact because she didn't get specific storyline on her own and company didn't present her in that manner .




Cameron didn't feel relevant to the fans because she didn't have the personality that WWE was expecting and she was mainly focused at ringside for Tons of Funk .



Aksana tried her best to win the heart of her fans but all the storylines that was given to her were sidelines which ultimately led her fans forgetting. She was best with Teddy Long or Cesaro.


It's very sad to see when talented wrestlers are not able to get succeed but it's true that the Divas on this list may not have been relevant for the company but they still have their talent.

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