August 07, 2023

WWE Star Seth Rollins' Sneaker Obsession Is Out of Control

By Prikshit 

Recently, the sneaker bill of the WWE superstar Seth Rollins’ made rounds on the internet. Fans were startled with Seth’s obsession with sneakers.  

Seth Rollins is a WWE superstar known for his charisma, style, and self-proclaimed status as the best dresser in the WWE.  

He revealed that he has a massive sneaker collection. Seth appeared on the complex show “Sneaker Shopping”, and confessed that he has over 1000 pairs in his arsenal.

The wrestler bought two pairs of shoes for his daughter, three pairs for himself and Becky Lynch, and two T-shirts. His bill totaled $2,654.15.

In the interview, Seth talked about his love for Jordans and disclosed that he only used to buy them only once a year.  

Seth added that brands like Rebook and Noble provided him with special shoes that matched his ring gear, and gave them a shout-out.

The interviewer praised the WWE star for frequently defending his title, and for always being able to entertain the fans.  

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