Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling, Ranked


Solo Leveling is probably a name that is well-known among the Otaku/Weeb community. The series has been dominating the whole internet and is making everyone go crazy. The series originally started as Manhwa before getting the anime adaptation and so far the adaptation has only 3 episodes.

However, the manhwa recently got completed and it has so many amazing and powerful characters. But this statement raises a question: who is the strongest individual in the series? In this article, we’ll rank the Top 10 Strongest Characters In Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling Strongest Characters

Solo Leveling Strongest Characters

10) Thomas Andre

Race- Human/ Hunter

Thomas Andre, famously known as “The Goliath” holds the title of the world’s number one ranked hunter. Is considered the strongest in America. His exceptional physical abilities were demonstrated when he effortlessly sent Jinwoo flying with a punch and engaged in a battle on equal grounds with Rakan. Despite his demeanor, Thomas showed camaraderie by paying his respects at the funeral of Hwang Dongsoo, a murderer. He made it clear that he would not tolerate disobedience when he confronted Dongsoo and grew frustrated with Jinwoo’s hesitation to spare him.

Equipped with strength, endurance, and speed Thomas employs skills such, as Reinforcement, Capture, and Collapse during combat. Being a Ruler’s Vessel grants him authority and the ability to manifest a spiritual body. However, with his human strength, Thomas encountered an extraordinary challenge when facing off against Rakan, the Monarch – showcasing just how perilous their clash was.

9) Legia

Race- Monarch

Legia, the Monarch of the Beginning and King of Giants, in Solo Leveling had a sense of humor that made him burst into laughter when another Monarch made a discovery. Legia was quite cunning and almost managed to trick Jinwoo into setting him free from his imprisonment. Despite running low on mana he possessed strength that allowed him to create powerful gusts of wind with just a swing of his fist.

His Truth Inducement spell prevented anyone from telling lies in his presence. Even when restrained Legia showcased abilities by manipulating wind pressure due to his mana supply. As a character, in the story, Legia stood out among Monarchs with his diverse skills and strategic intelligence.

8) Sung II Hwan

Race- Human/Hunter

Sung II Hwan, a man deeply dedicated to his family, showed protectiveness when he fearlessly confronted Hwang Dongsoo, who posed a threat to his son. Despite his strength and ability to easily defeat opponents like Hwang and even send Rakan flying through buildings, Il Hwan demonstrated selflessness by sparing Hwang’s life. His agility in combat was truly impressive as he attacked from both the Frost Monarch and Rakan at the same time.

Hwan possessed abilities that allowed him to become invisible both physically and magically. With skills, he controlled objects with ease using Rulers Authority. Being a vessel of the Ruler he inherited powers that significantly added to the universe of Solo Leveling. Although susceptible to mana attacks Il Hwan bravely confronted the Frost Monarch buying time for Sung Jin Woo’s recovery.

7) Querehsha

Race- Monarch

Querehsha, a bloodthirsty Monarch, enjoyed killing her subordinates, particularly Beru but still maintained a maternal character. Her powers included construct creation using mana, necromancy, and rapid healing; she had even demonstrated these in the battle against Jinwoo by hurting him and stopping Beru from attacking him.

Spiritual Body Manifestation turned her into an insect-like monster and revealed her power to transform into it. This was all during the Monarchs War Arc where she together with other monarchs fought against Jin-Woo but did not succeed since he overpowered them all. She was beautiful but her bloodlust could not win against the hero.

6) Frost Monarch

Race- Monarch

The Frost Monarch, also known as the King of Snow Folk has a patronising demeanor. He doesn’t like unpredictability or unnecessary conflicts. Although he dislikes violence he quickly disables humans with his powers. In situations, he acts recklessly. Calls upon other Monarchs for help without fully considering the risks involved. With his strength, durability, and speed he engages in a battle with Go Gunhee and challenges Jinwoo fiercely.

His ice-based abilities allow him to effortlessly create weapons, summon ice storms, and even put others to sleep with a snap of his fingers. As one of the figures among the monarchs the Monarch of Frost heavily relies on ice magic for shaping weapons and creating golems. His freezing ability is so powerful that it can encase enemies in ice, within sub-zero temperatures.

5) Beast Monarch

Race- Monarch

Rakan aka Beast Monarch is a confident individual, has a desire for vengeance against his enemies, and doesn’t hold humans in high regard. Despite his fierceness, he proved to be self-centered and afraid when faced with power. Interestingly he accused others of being cowards while displaying the behaviour himself. With his strength, he fought evenly against Thomas Andre. Showed impressive resilience by surviving severe injuries. His remarkable speed and ability to move objects with his mind were qualities that made him a formidable foe.

Although he possessed the ability to regenerate quickly there were limits to this power. When transforming into a werewolf it was as if his spiritual body took physical form. As the leader of the Beastly Fangs group, he struck fear into hunters; however, his fear often caused him to flee when confronted by adversaries.

4) The Rulers

Race- Monarch

The spiritual entities known as the Rulers, who exist without bodies rely on hosts to manifest themselves in our world. By utilizing fragments of the Absolute Beings power they were able to turn the tables against the Monarchs and successfully capture Legia. Ashburn, despite reservations about forgiveness, found himself consumed by a desire for revenge after he took Baran’s life. This emotional turmoil eventually led Ashborn to retreat and allow the Rulers to claim victory over the Monarchs.

Created by the Absolute Being the Rulers once waged war against the Monarchs before realizing that their suffering brought amusement to their creator. In a twist of fate, they ultimately killed the Absolute Being. Gained power as a result. Notable individuals like Thomas Andre and Sung Il Hwan possessed Ruler powers as “Ruler Vessels,” which revealed a battle between these entities and shed light on their intricate dynamics.

3) Monarch Of Shadows

Race- Monarch

Shadows, in Solo Leveling, have personalities depending on their grade. Shadows of elite grades show personality while shadows of knight and elite knight grades can express simple emotions. Shadows of marshal grades have developed personalities. For example, Beru enjoys watching period dramas. Has a unique way of speaking. Despite their personalities, all shadows are unwaveringly loyal to the Shadow Monarch even going beyond orders in special circumstances.

These undead creatures, created through the Shadow Monarchs’ abilities, share traits like regeneration, communication (though in a monster language) growth, through battles, and the ability to infiltrate shadows to observe their surroundings. The Ashborn. The Monarch of Shadows. Was originally one of the Seven Rulers. Later became a character in the series by transferring powers and utilizing shadow extraction.

2) Sung Jin Woo

Race- Monarch

Sung Jin Woo, a yet individual who deeply cares about his family, emerges as the chosen vessel of the Shadow Monarch, in Solo Leveling. Through this connection, he becomes the hunter in the world. With his power, he can easily overcome enemies such as Frost Monarch and Beast Monarch. Not only does he possess durability that allows him to endure intense battles with minimal damage but his remarkable speed and ability to heal quickly make him an unstoppable force.

Alongside his growth, Jinwoo has skills like creating armor, being stealthy, and even telekinesis that set him apart from others. The Monarch Sung Jin Woo commands an enormous army fueled by limitless mana and enjoys a significant 50% reduction in damage taken. Furthermore, his time manipulation abilities grant him immortality while his unmatched strength and speed solidify his position as one of the Solo Levelings characters.

1) Absolute Being

Race- God

The Supreme Creator, who brought forth the universe in Solo Leveling possessed unimaginable powers. Also exhibited cruelty and self-centeredness. Despite granting life and creating artifacts, the lack of empathy, on his part, resulted in a rebellion by the Rulers. Though initially appearing invincible the Supreme Creator proved susceptible to defeat in battle. Ultimately fell to the Seven Rulers. While Sung Jin Woo may seem like a character, it is the Supreme Creator who stands as the ultimate being.

For his amusement, he orchestrated a conflict between the Rulers and Monarchs showing no concern for the consequences of their struggle. Originating from the division of light and darkness the Rulers sought assistance from the Supreme Creator to bring an end to their war only to realize that it was entertainment for him. The downfall of the Supreme Creator shed light on his limitations. Showcased strength, within the Seven Rulers.

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